Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Usually during some part of a painting, I completely get lost in it.  It is a visual story.  It's as if there is no memory of the process.  When it happens, it's magical. Everything is more direct, as if you are painting from the heart directly to the canvas and you skip the brain completely--no interference!  I often listen to music while I'm painting and I've thought about musicians experiencing this same freedom and directness.  If they are in that space, the wall between them and us dissolves... they bare their soul and  we can feel it.  It's magic.  

A few years ago I woke up knowing I had to paint a portrait of my daughter.  It had to be big.  It had to be now.  It had to reveal her strength and determination and all that is Ilka--her story.  I drove to the lumber yard, bought a 4'x4' piece of masonite and painted straight ahead until I stepped back and said, "That's Ilka".  I honestly don't remember how long it took or do I remember actually thinking about any single brush stroke.

This summer and last I've driven, walked, run, and biked past the Wealden Farm stand which is literally yards from our road.  It has personality.  There it stands on its own with its beautiful and healthy offerings and tiny lights and you just feel happy going by.  Then, if you stop and pick up a cucumber that has been planted in carefully tilled soil, watered, nurtured, picked, placed in the crate for you to enjoy, you do feel happy.  You admire it all.  

This was one of those times.  I had to paint it.  I hope you enjoy!  
It was easy to get lost in it as it's a whole great story.

These are a few shots of me painting "Wealden Farm".  
My husband came home early one day, grabbed my camera, and started shooting as he's rarely here when I'm working.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009


Tuesday, July 7, 2009


There was a big cupboard that smelled of moth balls and each time you opened it you were reminded of your grandmother's back linen closet or the sweater that she would retrieve to wear on Christmas.  There were two loons calling in the late hours of the day and into the eves.  I wondered why they hadn't moved on to the lake?  The stillness, the quiet of the fog outside my screen window was sometimes interrupted by the rushing of water in the pipes or the flip flops flopping across the painted wood floor of one of my artist friends retrieving a sketch pad, grabbing a cup of tea, or a ginger cookie.  The screen door would slam, not unpleasantly, as it reminded me of my childhood days and summers at our camp in Sangerville.  Crows would look down and announce something.  I'm always wondering what.  Then there was laughter echoing throughout every corner of Nautilus Pt., especially the kitchen (where all magic happens).  Daily morning runs with Katrina up and down the hilly roads with views of the harbor and Acadia, the mermaid shutter house included, were topped off with a brief, but exhilarating swim, clearing our minds and slate for a day of creating.  And in addition to all this and the gift of time to paint, the moment that most brings a smile to my face is when I met a dear neighbor who obviously gets the most out of every day of her life of 80+ years and has a great appreciation for her surroundings and the people in this life.  I had stopped to chat with her each morning when we first arrived, but hadn't yet met her husband.  When I said "I haven't seen or met your husband yet" she replied, "You haven't met Francis?!... Well, you'll really like him, he's quite satisfactory!"  May we all exude the same warmth and love and honesty when speaking of our spouse or family!  
My paintings above tell the story... the table is not yet complete; it's like a good book, I love working on it and don't want it to end.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009


above: 12x12 paintings I did this week on Littlejohn Island 
with Carol's joyous energy radiating through the studio.

This is one of my dear friend Carol Bass's favorite quotes!  It is important to jump ship sometimes, paint like you wouldn't normally paint--I was tentative; Carol was encouraging..."play, paint from inside, let it be direct...from in here (as she put fist to heart)" !  I was renewed, excited and she was so kind to share her passion and joy!  These very important bits and pieces of sharing nurture what's already inside us.  YES, we must keep the channel open..."cut the ropes and be free".  I met Carol almost 18 years ago and we've been dancing ever since. 

Friday, March 6, 2009

when cultivating new ideas, one must be confident:

"To believe your own thought, 
to believe that what is true for you in your private heart,
is true for all men--
that is genius."


Wednesday, February 11, 2009


A moment in time with my paintbrush.  36"x36" oil on canvas
Barack & Michelle Obama after the Oath of Office